The Power of Chipper Jones' Bat

Troubled, Young James found himself on the right side of the bench, thinking. His coach looked over at him. "Poor young chap, he can't do anything right these days." Young James had lost something very important.

It was custom made, the perfect fit for Young James. It was the most beautiful wooden creation ever made: his baseball bat.

Young James wandered onto the enormous field for practice. He encountered with a man. He was named "Larry" but all the boys called him Chipper. "I heard you lost your stick," Chipper said in a somewhat cocky tone.

"Yes, yes," Young James replied. "Would you happen to have any extras."

"Lots, but I do not normally lend them to anybody. Not even family."

Young James begged from his knees. "Please, lend me your stick."

"Okay, fine," Chipper agreed. He pulled it out of the batting rack like it was a sword. "It's our little secret. Don't tell anybody. Take care of it now, ya hear?"

Young James eyes widened as the bat's golden tint glowed. Speechless, Young James nodded his head and smiled.

So, Young James went up to the plate for the first time in four days. He peeked at Chipper down the third base line. He prayed it would work. He ended up grounding out sharply. "You piece of (expletive)!" Young James said as he chucked the bat across the dugout.

Only it wasn't. Without realizing it, when Young James swung, powers transferred from the bat into his hands. He could not feel it. Lightning bolts struck from the heavens above. It was just like when the spider bit Spiderman. He was morphed into a machine.

In his next at-bat Young James found a stick lying around and decided to use it. Was it Chase Utley's? Maybe. It didn't matter to Young James.

Then, the power of Chipper's bat took effect. Young James got a hit. And then another. Before he knew it, he was batting 7-for-his-last-15, an unbelievable .467 average. He even had a home run off one of the best pitchers in the game. That hadn't happened in months!

Young James was shocked. He thought the bat laying on the dugout steps was the one he lost. Maybe he found his groove. But what he does not know is that it is the power of Chipper Jones' bat.

Although based on true facts, this did not actually happen.


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