Rickey, Rice, Hall Of Famers

On Sunday, Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice were inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame.

Henderson is the all-time leader in runs (2295), and steals (1406). He was a Gold Glove left fielder, a 10-time All-Star, and the 1990 American League MVP. He had 3,055 career hits, a .401 on-base percentage, 297 home runs and 1,115 RBIs.

Known for talking in third person and his speech after becoming the all-time stolen base leader, Henderson made a very impressive Hall of Fame speech.

"My journey as a player is complete. I am now in the class of the greatest players of all time. And at this moment ... "

No, not "I am the greatest of all time." But "... I am very, very humbled."

In 16 seasons, Rice had a .298 career average, 382 home runs, 2,452 hits and 1,451 RBI. Four times he had more than 200 hits, he led the AL in home runs three times and RBI twice. He was the AL MVP in 1978 and an eight-time All-Star.

Call of the Day: Harry Kalas' Hall of Fame Speech in 2002. Here is the poem he wrote. For the full speech, click here.

"This is to the Philadelphia fan.
To laud your passion as best I can.

Your loyalty is unsurpassed.
Be the Fightins in first or last.

We come to the park each day,
looking forward to another fray.

Because we know you’ll be there,
we know you really care.

You give the opposing pitcher fits
because as one loyalist shouts,
everybody hits.

To be sure in Philly, there might be some boos.
Because you passionate fans, like the manager, hate to lose.

reaction to the action on the field that you impart,
spurs as broadcasters
to call the game with enthusiasm and heart.

We feel your passion through
and through.
Philadelphia fans, I love you. "


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