Closing Options

Brad Lidge's time as a closer must be numbered. After last year, Lidge has been given a free pass, but it's time to rip it up. With nine blown saves, a 7.33 earned run average, and 1.80 walks and hits per innings pitched, he can't continue to be the Phillies closer. The Phillies have other options.

When Lidge was on the disabled list earlier this year, Ryan Madson took over as closer. However, he was also victimized. Madson has of record of 4-4 and is 4/8 in save opportunities. He has a 2.95 ERA and 1.18 WHIP. He strikes out 9.1 batters per nine. Overall, they are decent numbers, but most of his struggles have come as closer. While trying to adjust to his new role, perhaps he tried too hard. Giving him another chance is worth a shot. Myers went down with a hip injury, but is recovering faster than expected. There is a chance Myers will be back as a reliever. He has closing experience, in 2007, when he went 5-5 with a 2.87 ERA. He saved 21 games in 24 opportunities and opponents batted just .229 against him. As a closer, he was a whole different animal, striking out 64 in 53.1 innings.

With this being his contract year, Myers would like to make an impact any way he can. He has experience, and was successful at it. He loved it, and was upset with the Phillies converted him back to a starter the following year. Myers should not immediately jump into the closers role, but depending on his outings, he could find himself in the ninth inning.

Chan Ho Park, Chad Durbin, and others could close, but they aren't the best options. They have been successful in the roles they are currently in, especially Park. When J.C Romero returns, he would give the Phillies another option, but with the number of base runners he allows via walks, he probably won't fare well.

Charlie Manuel wants to "stick to his guy," but how many more blown saves will it take? After being the National Leagues' best closer in 2008, Lidge has been the worst closer in baseball this season, sporting the most blown saves and highest ERA of any reliever. As long as Lidge is pitching the way he currently is, he can not close. The best option is Madson or Myers, once he returns.

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Steph said...

After guiding the Phillies to a World Series title last year, Manuel deserves a pass on certain things. This isn't one of them. When the only thing the skipper can say in his post-game presser is "Awww what the hell?" it's time to make a change.

There's no way Manuel is convincing anyone he's putting his best team on the field (and thus has the best chance to win) when he's handing the ball to Lidge at this juncture, and these games are too important to lose.

I think it's past time to give someone else a chance. I honestly like a Madson/Myers combo and would definitely prefer to see Maddog stay in the setup role. Since Myers has had some success as a closer I say it's definitely time to give him another shot.

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