Headed To Wrigley!

Hello everybody. As always, thank you for visiting Swing and a Long Drive. I will be taking a break from the blogging industry-- until next week. Reasoning being, I'll be on vacation.

I'll be headed to the Windy City, Chicago, Wednesday morning. I'll be at Wrigley Field on Thursday to watch the Cliff Lee and the Phillies take on the Cubs. (Look for a sign that says: Hotel: $300, Airline Tickets: $1100, Watching the Phillies beat the Cubs at Wrigley: Priceless!)

After I get back from Chicago, I'm headed down the shore. Once I return, I'll be sure to update you with the latest Phillies news, talk about the full Wrigley experience, and of course I will post pictures from the game.

In the meantime, for all your Phillies needs, be sure to check out the following sites, or click on the ones listed on the blogroll sidebar.

If you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to e-mail me at amanda@swingandalongdrive.com. Or, you can follow me on Twitter: @amandax23.


philly_phanatic said...

Good luck to you Amanda I will be watching.

philly_phanatic said...

Amanda I did a shoutout in my blog about you going to Wrigley haha. Have fun! And also, your title, Swing in a long drive. You know at the top of your page like the header where it shows that in cursive and shows Howard and Hamels and the Phanatic and HK in the right corner and the city of Philly. How do you get that onto your page? Could you explain to me step by step please? :) thanks Go PHillies and go Pedro

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