Lopez Moving to The 'Pen

Originally posted on Phillies Naiton.

Rodrigo Lopez will be moved to the bullpen.

"My job is to get people out. I definitely like being a starter. I've been a starter most of my career. I think I can pitch as well in the bullpen, but I just feel that I'm good enough to get people out, whether it's coming out of the bullpen or in the rotation," Lopez said.

Since his callup, Lopez is 3-1 with a 3.62 earned run average and 1.54 WHIP in five starts.

Call of the Day: A typical call for HK on the appeal.
"Did he try to check, the appeal goes to third base umpire who says he
swung. And that'll end the inning."


philly_phanatic said...

I knew he would be moved to the pen . How about a middle relief pitcher. :) Please comment.

Amanda said...

Yeah, he'll probably be a long reliever.. especially with Condrey out.

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