Marlins/Phils Open Alumni Weekend

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Florida Marlins (55-53) play at Philadelphia Phillies (61-45).

Ricky Nolasco (7-7, 5.00 ERA) starts vs. Joe Blanton (7-5, 4.02 ERA).

The Phillies open Alumni Weekend by inducting the legendary Harry Kalas into the Wall of Fame prior to tonight's game. Many Phillies legends from the past will be in town to celebrate the legacy of the late great, Harry Kalas.

Joe Blanton has been an inning eater. Since May 21, Big Joe is 5-2 with a 2.33 ERA. He has been a lot better since the beginning of the season when his ERA was over seven. The way he has been pitching lately, it is shocking that his ERA was once that high.

Speaking of high earned run averages, Ricky Nolasco gets the start for the Fish. Like, Blanton, Nolasco struggled at the beginning of the season. Nolasco was sent down to the minors, but since his re-call he has been dominant. He faced the Phillies earlier in the season and gave up four runs in six innings.

The Phillies have a seven game lead over the second place Marlins, so this is the perfect opportunity for the Phillies to add to their lead. The Phillies can't let the Marlins gain any ground. Like every game since the middle of April, listening to this game won't be the same. Kalas is missed. Let's get a win for him tonight.

Call of the Day: Shane Victorino's disputed home run in 2008.

"Shane lines it deep to left. Fair or foul? It is a fair ball! Outta
Here! Victorino with a two-run home run and the Phillies are on the board.
It is now a four to two game!"

*Looks at replay* "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow." *laughs* "It is a foul
ball. Cantu had a good look at it at third base. He immediately went
to Dale Scott. It was the third base umpire who called the ball

(Chris Wheeler says that Phils catch a break) "Yes sir, and the Phillies
get two runs."


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