Moyer Upset with Decision

As seen on Phillies Nation.

Jamie Moyer made it clear that he was upset with the Phillies decision to move him to the bullpen.

"I’m really not happy with this decision that the Phillies have made. I will take what they’ve asked me to do, but I’m not real excited about the decision that’s been made."

Moyer said that he does not want to be a distraction, but felt "disheartened" and "misled." He also said during winter negotiations, Ruben Amaro Jr. assured him that a situation like this would not take place.

QUOTE SOURCE: Deleware Online (for full transcript of Moyer's speech, click the link)

Call of the Day: Before Ryan Howard was placed on the DL in 2007, he hit a big home run against the Diamondbacks.
"Bases loaded, nobody out. Long Drive! Deep right field. Grand Slam,
home run, Ryan Howard! The first pitch thrown by Medders, Howard takes
into the seats, and the Phillies lead it 4 to 3."


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