Ryan Howard Sighting

I just saw saw Ryan Howard at Diary Queen! Why he was in my neighborhood, I don't know. But, he was there.

I didn't notice him at first. I was about to go in the line he was in, then I looked up, saw him, and thought to myself "Oh my God! Is that Ryan Howard?" I went to the other line, looked over a couple times, and indeed it was Howard (I could tell by the nose, no offense Ryan).

I didn't say anything to him. I didn't want to bother him, because I'm sure that is annoying for him. Plus, he was with his friend. Nobody said anything to him, in fact. Everybody looked at each other and thought "is that really him?"

He was parked at the gas station right next to the DQ. After he got what looked to be a blizzard, I stalked him by going to the gas station and got gas. He probably thought I was crazy because I drove around the gas station in a circle. And since I just got my license, it was the first time I pumped my own gas, so I'm sure I looked like a genius.

I wish I took a picture on my phone. I was going to, but I was a chicken, and didn't want him to notice. So yeah, in a way, I stalked Ryan Howard.

Call of the Day: In 2007, Jimmy Rollins finished a double shy of the cycle. on Jackie Robinson Day.

"Slams this ball to deep center field. Well read, by Adam Eaton, and he is going
to score. And JRoll's gonna end up at third base with a triple and this game is
tied at three."

"Line drive. That's gonna be a single. *Laughs* No cycle
for JRoll, but it was his fourth hit of the night. 4-for-5 is Jimmy Rollins."


Jay Ballz said...

How could you not find out what flavor Blizzard he got? terrible reporting!


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