More Winter Meeting Tidbits

Texas was popular today, but here is what else happened during day three of the Winter Meetings.

The Phillies signed Ross Gload to a two-year deal. The first baseman and outfielder will likely spend most of the season off the bench. Gload also received offers from the Marlins and Braves.

The Phillies have been equally aggressive on Fernando Rodney as they have been on Brandon Lyon. However, it's unknown if the Phillies would pay Rodney "closer-type money.”

The Pittsburgh Pirates signed Bobby Crosby. Crosby never lived up to his expectations. After winning Rookie of the Year and receiving a five-year $12.75 extension from the Oakland A's, Crosby fell off the radar. This deal will be worth approximately $1.5 million.

The Chicago White Sox and Los Angeles Angels are interested in Hideki Matsui. The White Sox may be closing in on a deal with J.J Putz.

Ben Sheets is seeking a contract around $12 million. Talk about ridiculous. The guy's a great pitcher when healthy, but he didn't even throw a pitch in 2009. I'll be completely shocked if he gets anything close.

The Red Sox have interest in Adrian Beltre. They would trade Mike Lowell first. The Giants, however, do not have interest in Beltre.

    More MLB News, in bullet point form:

    • The Kansas City Royals offer Jason Kendall a two-year deal.

    • The Colorado Rockies are closer to a two-year deal with Yorvit Torrealba.

    • The New York Yankees re-signed Andy Pettitte. One year, $11.75 million.

    • Multiple teams are eyeing Joel Pinero, Nick Johnson, Derek Lowe.

    • The Milwaukee Brewers signed LaTroy Hawkins.

    • The New York Mets and Washington Nationals are going after Jason Marquis.
    • The Mariners sign Corey Patterson.

    • The Tampa Bay Rays are front runners for Rafeal Soriano.

    • The Padres are discussing trades for Kevin Kouzmanoff.

    Breaking News: Some Halladay rumors are coming out.

    The Phillies are "joining the fray" for Halladay, as well as the Red Sox and Yankees. But the Angels are pulling trigger. They made the following offer, according to Jon Heyman of SI:

    Joe Saunders, Erick Aybar and Peter Bourjos for Halladay. If the Blue Jays accept, the only question is if Halladay would wave his trade clause. Halladay previously said he would acccept a trade to the Angels.

    Update (9:41 PM): Not long ago, the Phillies headlines read "Phillies in the mix for Halladay." Now, the homepage reads: "Phillies not likely to land Halladay."


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