Placido Polanco Returns

Placido Polanco returns to Philadelphia! The Phillies new third baseman was give a three-year, $18 million deal.

Instead of waiting to see how the market develops, the Phillies decided to start the market. Personally, I would have preferred Beltre, but Polanco's not a bad option. However, I do think that three years is a bit much. Two years with an option for a third would have been fine.

Polanco "never really wanted to leave" Philadelphia. He had no choice to go with a young Chase Utley in the wings. David Bell manned third base, so the Phillies shipped him for a much needed reliever in Ugueth Urbina, who currently resides in jail.

With the exception of 2009, Polanco only reached double digits in home runs while with the Phillies (2003 & 2004). Polanco is a career .303 hitter with a .348 career on-base percentage. He gets on base and does not strike out much, with a positive for the Phillies.

The Phillies also looked at Chone Figgins this offseason, but chances are he lands in the Mariners. Seattle appears to be "on the verge" of signing the third baseman to a four year, $36 million deal.

Amoung other free agent signings, the Red Sox signed Marco Scutaro.


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