Year In Review: Howard's NLDS Sac Fly

Swing and a Long Drive will be looking at some of 2009's top moments. We had a similar "Year in Review" last year, but instead of month-by-month, we'll look at some of the top games. They are also a part of Phillies Nation's Top 25 Moments of 2009.

The third game of the National League Division Series was truly one for the ages. It had to wait an extra day due to snow, but for four hours and six minutes, the Phillies and the Rockies see-sawed in one of the most well played games of the postseason.

Chase Utley opened the scoring with a solo shot in the first inning. The Rockies answered back off J.A Happ, who couldn't seem to find a rhythm. It wasn't often Happ struggled, but the frigid temperatures got to Happ. He lasted only three innings, surrendering three runs.

The Phillies finally got to Jason Hammel in the fourth. Howard stroked a RBI single, Raul Ibanez drew a bases loaded walk, and Carlos Ruiz slapped a single to give the Phillies a 4-3 lead. After Carlos Gonzalez tied the game with a home run (he gave the Phillies plenty of trouble during the NLDS), Chooch delivered again to continue his unbelievable postseason hitting. But again, the Rockies tied it.

In the ninth inning, Chase Utley checked his swing, and the baseball bounced off his foot. However, the umpires missed the call (like they did so many times during the postseason), and a hustling Utley was ruled safe at first. Ryan Howard followed with a deep sacrifice fly that scored Jimmy Rollins from third. The Phillies took a 6-5 lead, and Brad Lidge completed the save despite allowing a couple base runners.

It is notable that Game 3 was the coldest game in playoff history, and it wasn't over until 2:14 AM Eastern time. The Phillies took a 2-1 series lead, and Philadelphia fans could finally get some sleep -- but it was worth the late night.

Other Top Moments: The Phillies had some exciting moments against the New York Mets. One includes Chase Utley's game winning home run into "Utley's Corner." Another is Raul Ibanez's tenth inning home run. Pelota, no regressa!


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