Help Your Fellow Blogs

Have you filled out your brackets? Kansas, Syracuse, Duke, West Virginia... But that's not the bracket I'm talking about. I'm talking about The Phield. That's right. The best Philadelphia Phillies blog will be decided on. There are 64 blogs, but one winner will emerge.

Swing and a Long Drive was ranked 6th in the Salisbury Region. Our partner site, Phillies Nation, was ranked at number one in the Lauber region. It won't be an easy ride for each site. Swing and a Long Drive faces Fire Eric Bruntlett in the first round. We Should be GMs and The Zo Zone are also in the same region.

Phillies Nation could be facing the popular website The Fightins to get into the final four. It may be surprising that The Fightins only received a three seed, but the battle in the Lauber Region should be epic.

YOU can help your favorite sites! Vote for each matchup on Twitter by following @ThePhield.

*Click image for larger bracket.*


Phillies Red Pinstripes said...

First, I had no idea that this was going on among the local blogs, or that mines was among the 64 selected. But with that being said, seeing that I was going up against Beerleaguer was a guarantee that I would get koed in the opening round. Anyway, I would like to congrats Beerleaguer and wish the blog luck on winning the champion spot.

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