April Fools: Baseball Pranks

Chase Utley was traded to New York Mets.... APRIL FOOLS!

Alright, I'm not the best prankster on the planet. I'm sure you can do better than switching the salt and sugar, or replacing the icing of an Oreo with toothpaste. I gaurentee the following guys are much better prankster than all of us. Why? Because they made pranks related to baseball!

In 1985, a Sports Illustrated writer wrote about a pitcher named Sidd Finch, who had been pitching in the Mets training camp. According to his article, Finch threw 168 miles per hour (the record at the time was 103 mph), with perfect accuracy. Finch was an English orphan who had never played baseball before. He pitched with a boot on one foot, and the other barefoot.

Mets fans were anxious to see if Finch would commit to baseball, but Finch would not make his decision until April 1...

Awww, nothing like Mets fans getting pranked!

In 2003, Rocco Baldelli's uniform had his first name on it, instead of his last name. Baldelli had no idea, despite the crowd chanting "ROCCO!"

In 1992, Joe Carter and the Blue Jays gave away a car on Fan Appreciation Day. Little did Derek Bell know. It was his car.

A few years ago, Will Ohman found tires from his car scattered throughout the spring training facility.

Tim Hudson was a good prankster back in his prime:

Kyle Kendrick to Japan, a classic:

And one last joke:

What did the baseball glove say to the baseball?
A: Catch you later!

*Insert drum snare*


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