Mailbag: Second Half

In this post, I answered questions presented by Pat Gallen of Phillies Nation. Click the link to see answers from other bloggers. If you have a question, please e-mail me at

The hottest trade rumor is now Jayson Werth and his possible departure. Do you believe the Phillies can win if they were to trade him?

With Dom Brown in the waiting, I think they can win without Werth, but they are a better team with him.

The starting rotation has been the strongest part of the Phillies team this year. Led by Roy Halladay, they have thrown the most innings in the National League. They also have the most complete games in baseball. Can the Phillies starters keep up this pace in the second half?

Yes. There are no signs Halladay is slowing down. Hamels (3.94 ERA first half, 3.27 ERA second half) and Blanton (4.33 ERA first half, 3.99 second half) have been second half pitchers throughout their career. The only thing to worry about would be an injury.

Injuries have certainly taken their toll on the team, most notably the offense. In years past, this lineup was considered a juggernaut. Are those days over or can they regain that status in the 2nd half?

Absolutely. Over the past few years this team has really been a second half team, especially offensively. I'm not too worried about the offense. They'll come around.

The bullpen was good, then bad, but basically it's been all over the place. Will they go with what they have, or is a trade or move of some sort inevitable?

Any trade that can help the pitching staff would be nice. I would say they need at least one more decent reliever.

Dom Brown. Bring him up or keep him down?

In September. Unless Werth is traded and he'll be playing everyday, keep him in the minors where he can get some ABs.


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