Mailbag: Main Focus? MVP?

In this post, I answered questions presented by Pat Gallen of Phillies Nation. Click the link to see answers from other bloggers. If you have a question, please e-mail me at

What should be the Phillies main focus heading into free agency - bullpen, offense, or more starting pitching?

The Bullpen. The Phillies have Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge -- that's it. Danys Baez will return, but I'd rather keep the ball as far away from him as possible. Chad Durbin, Jose Contreras, and J.C Romero are all free agents. Durbin's average. Bringing him back at a decent price would be solid, but losing him isn't going to be the end of the world. Contreras had a good year, but he's old. J.C Romero is too erratic and probably will demand a lot of money.

After Madson and Lidge, there is nobody. Antonio Bastardo? He hasn't done a thing in the big leagues. Scott Matheison could be a possible option, but he's had trouble getting out big league hitters, and even if he does well he is not going to solve the bullpen issues.

The Phillies wrapped up the regular season yesterday, finishing 97-65. Who was the Phils regular season MVP?

Roy Halladay. Every five days is win day. He gave the Phillies a solid 250 innings. Complete Games. Shutouts. Perfect game. How can he not be the team MVP?

Second: Jayson Werth; Third: Ryan Howard.


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