Year In Review: Phillies Push Back Braves

This is a 2010 Year In Review. This is one top moment that appeared on Phillies Nation.

On September 1, the Phillies were three games behind the Atlanta Braves in the National League East. The Phillies had a history of being a hot team in September, and it looked as if the division race would go down to the final games.

The Phillies got on a hot streak and moved ahead of the Braves in the standings. Eventually, a gap was built between the first place Phillies and second place Braves. Our top moment, September 22, 2010, marks the night when Philadelphia could unofficially put the Braves in the rear view mirror.

The game began with a promising matchup of Tommy Hanson and Roy Oswalt. Neither starter allowed a run. Hanson surrendered just two hits and three walks over six innings. Oswalt pitched remarkably as well, tossing seven shutout innings. He only gave up one hit and one walk.
But with no runs on the board, the Phillies had to rely on the offense and bullpen, both which were questionable at times in 2010. On the offensive front, there really wasn't one guy that would consistently be the hero. Somebody new would always step up. Who would it be this time?

At the beginning of 2009, there were plenty of "RAUUUUUUUL" chants to go around. However, they weren't as common in 2010 as Ibanez somewhat struggled at the plate. In this game against the Braves, the chants returned. Ibanez came through in the eighth inning, slicing a double down the left field line, scoring Jayson Werth. It was the lone run of the game, but it was all that was needed as Ryan Madson and Brad Lidge finished it off.

The 1-0 victory marked the Phillies tenth straight win, but more importantly pushed the Braves to six games back in the division. The Phillies could quietly say goodbye the Braves, and look forward to another National League East crown.

Other Top Moments:

July 8: Brian Schnieder came up clutch with a 12th inning walk-off home run against the Cincinnati Reds to give the Phillies a 4-3 victory.


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