Hamels Rumor and Pudge Trade

More rumors are floating around. Only this one does not involve a trade.

Rumor has it that Cole Hamels has a fractured elbow on his pitching arm. The Phillies have denied this claim, but with Hamel's history of injuries, and his blow up against the Braves on Saturday, it gives a reason to believe the rumor. Also, instead of a bullpen pitcher to replace Eaton, who was demoted, the Phillies called up J.A Happ, a starter. Hopefully it is just indeed a rumor, and its nothing serious.

Also in the news, the Detroit Tigers trade Ivan Rodriguez to the New York Yankees for Kyle Farnsworth. Straight up.

Rodriguez is batting .295 with 5 HR, and 32 RBI. His OBP is .338, .417 SLG, and his OPS is a low .756. However, Pudge is an excellent defender. He has 13 Gold Gloves.

Farnsworth is 1-2 this year with an ERA of 3.65 ERA. He stuck out 43 in 44.1 IP. His WHIP is 1.35.

The Yankees got the best of this deal. With Posada done for the year, they needed an everyday catcher. The Yankees are only 4 games out of their division, and 1.5 games out of the Wild Card. The Tigers are 5.5 games out of their division, and 6 out of the Wild Card.

I don't really get this trade for the Tigers. They can easily make a run. I think with Pudge, the Tigers would have a better chance to make that run. Pudge isn't the same player he was 10 years ago, but he is still a good player. Farnsworth is having a good year, but who is going to catch for the Tigers? Are they going to move Inge back full time? I'm also surprised the Yankees only had to give up Farnsworth for Pudge.


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