Reliever Rumors

It must be the end of July. So many rumors not involving high school students. Most rumors are nothing more than rumors. The chances of them coming true are small. However, they make a good conversation. They get people's hopes up, or down.

The Phillies focus has been on a lefty reliever, or so they say. They are keeping their eyes open for a bat too. The chances of them getting a reliever are small. Almost every team is looking for a reliever. Some teams can't afford to give one up.

The likelihood of the Phillies making a move before the trade deadline is also small. Pat Gillick has the reputation of finding players after the non-waiver trade deadline, such as Jamie Moyer, and Kyle Lohse.

The Phillies lastest target has been Ron Mahay of the Kansas City Royals. The Phillies would likely give up AA shortstop, Jason Donald. The Phillies don't appear to be the frontrunners, but that isn't stopping them from talking. Mahay is 5-0 this year with a 1.78 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, and 42 SO in 55.2 IP. Donald is hitting .308 with 14 HR and 54 RBI in Double-A Reading. He has an OPS of .897.

The Phillies now have interest in John Grawbow, Will Ohman, Jack Taschener, and dare I say, the former Phillie, Arthur Rhodes. Yes folks, the same Arthur Rhodes that blew one of the biggest games at the end of the 2006 season, that helped leave the Phillies out of the post season. The lefty has a good ERA of 2.53 in 21.1 IP. But I do not think Rhodes would be a good fit in Philadelphia this year. Why not just bring back Jose Mesa if that is the case?

Other relieves circulated in rumors might turn out to be not available. These pitchers could include Orioles closer George Sherill and Rockies closer Brian Fuentes.

The Phillies could also use a starter. They did pick up Joe Blanton last week. But are they done? According to CBS Sports, Greg Maddux of the San Diego Padres would not accept a trade to the Phillies. It appears Maddux wants to stay on the West Coast.


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