Wet and Wild

This game had it all. A little bit of everything. The Phillies took the rubber match game against the Braves, 12-10.

Both starters, Blanton and Campillo didn't last more than 2 innings as a 1 hour 57 minute rain delay interupted play in the bottom of the second inning. Torrential downpour, severe thunder and lightening storms scattered throughout the area.

Before the rains came, the Braves had themself a 2-0 lead. They would extend that lead in the fourth to 5-0 off Adam Eaton, who came in as relief. However, the Phillies one again proved why they are the Phighten Phillies. They always give a good fight, no matter the score. As a team, the Phillies pounded out 5 homeruns. Coste and Victorino each hit homeruns in the fourth to tie the game. Burrell, Werth and Rollins were the other three Phillies with homeruns. They would take a 12-5 lead.

However, the Braves wouldn't quit either. In the eighth, the Braves batted around to score 5 runs, making it a 12-10 game. But, that was not enough as Brad Lidge closed the doors in the ninth to pick up his 24th consecutive save as a Phillie.

In the process of the game, Braves catcher Brian McCann had to leave the game after a dangerous play at the plate in which Shane Victorino barrelled him over, on an 2 run single by Ryan Howard. Jeff Francoeur made a strong throw to the plate, but McCann never handled the ball correctly. This was not the first collision at the plate. In the first inning, Chase Utley was thrown out at the plate after a collision with McCann. Both plays were not dirty. They were simply playing the game the right way. Unfourtanitly, McCann got hurt.

The Phillies fans showed a lot of class to McCann giving him a round of applause as he walked off the field on his own power. Victorino, as well as Rollins and Burrell, were with him the whole time as the Braves trainer was with McCann on the field. After the game, Victorino gave McCann his best wishes.

The Phillies are now 1 game back behind the Mets who won today, 9-1 behind Johan Santana. The Phillies are off tomorrow, but are back in action on Tuesday in Washington.

On a side note, Philadelphia has a championship!! The Philadelphia Soul beat the defending AFL champs, The San Jose Sabercats, 59-56 in ArenaBowl XXII. Next championship: Phillies!


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