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Jimmy Rollins and Ryan Howard appeared on Wednesday's episode of Fox's "Best Damn Sports Show Period."

Rollins is the type who says how he feels and this time was no different. From the "Team to Beat" comments to "100 wins in '08." Mets fans usually respond to his comments with boos, now this time Phillies fans could be doing the same.

Rollins was asked about the reputation of Philadelphia being a tough sports town and said this:

"It can be, yeah," Rollins said. "There are times, like, it's one of those
cities ... I might catch some flack for saying this, but, you know, they're
front-runners. When you're doing good, they're on your side. When you're doing
bad, they're completely against you."

Some flak.. heh.. And front runners? You can classify pretty much every team's fans a front runner.

Rollins would then go on and talk about how Donovan McNabb got booed when he was drafted in 1999. He also defended his teammate Pat Burrell who fans give him a rough time at times.

The hosts explained that many cities have fans that boo and cheer, linking it to a family. Rollins went on to say:

"I hear you. But, for example, Ryan [Howard] is from St. Louis, and St. Louis,
it seems like they support their team, they're out there and encouraging. In
Philly, can't be no punk."

Does this mean JRoll wants to go to Saint Louis? While Rollins said all this, Howard just nodded his head the whole time. I think Howard just wanted to get out of the whole conversation.

These comments Rollins made are very different than the comments he made in the Phillies commercial. In that commercial he said that Phillies fans were "the best fans in sports, period." and "passionate and want to win." and how "if you don't go out and win, you better at least be trying."

I think these comments come back to the season the Phillies are having right now, with the slump they are in. Things aren't going the way they should, so obviously there are boos. Fans know that this team can do better. The fans want them to play the way they are capable of.

In addition, I think winning the MVP has to do with it too. He thinks he is simply the best. He already showed up the manager, by not showing up on time, not hustling, and hasn't played the game he usually plays, and now this.

Nobody really understands Philadelphia fans unless you are one. Not even the players understand. No championship 25 years. At least he Cubs had the Bulls all those years in Chicago. The Red Sox had the Patriots and the Bruins in Boston. In Philadelphia, we can't rely on another team.

We want to win. And we want to win more than the players probably ever would. The boos aren't because we want to see them fail. We want to see them do well. We know they have better things inside them.

Rollins also made a comment about his hometown Oakland and how Oakland fans don't show up in the stands. Jimmy, if we didn't have your back, the stands would be empty too in Philly. Would you rather play in front of a crowd that wants to win, may boo here and there, or no fans at all?

What if all Philly fans gave up just because we kept losing? Nobody would be in the stands. Look at the Marlins. They won 2 championships, more than the Phillies. Plus the Phillies have been around over 100 years more than the Marlins. The Marlins have 2 people in the stands each game. But Philadelphia sells out almost every game.

If you are a fan of another team, how would you feel if your team has won 1 championship in 125 years? On top of that, have a weak front office. Would you give up? Would you boo?

Philly fans have every right to be frustrated in the whole organization, but at the same time say "Ya gotta believe!"


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