Take Backsies

As we now know, Jimmy Rollins labeled Philadelphia fans "front-runners" during a recent interview on "The Best Damn Sports Show Period."

Yesterday, Rollins went back on the show to clarify his comments. He didn't take back his comments, or apologize, but he wanted to clear things up.

First, Rollins was shocked to hear about the reaction he got from Philadelphia fans. The reaction of course, was not a good one. Why would he surprised? He talked negatively about the fans.
"I said something might happen, but ... " Rollins said. "Whatever.
nothing to make out of [the reaction]. I don't get it."

He then went on to define the term front-runner, in his mind.
"When you're doing good, they're on your side. When you're not doing good
they're gonna let you know. They expect better, they want better, and they want
it now. I think that, ya know, they feel like by booing they influence the way
you play. But when you give off that negative energy, it really doesn't."

Jimmy felt that everybody knew the term front-runners as people who only show up when winning. Jimmy acknowledged that it wasn't the case as Phillies get 45,000 fans every game.

"They want a winner. But as passionate as they are about us going out there,
winning, playing well, as that's the same passion I feel about them. But ya
know, give us some support."

The team has been getting booed, and Jimmy did agree with the fact that the Phillies deserved boos right now because they aren't playing well.

"I don't pay as much attention on the road, because they're not my fans,"
Rollins said. "If they want to boo us as the visiting team, keep giving me the
boos. But at home, give us some home-field advantage."

Rollins was defending his teammates. He talked about how a player being booed before they bat, or pitch, can effect a player in a negative way. He talked about how he didn't like how some of his teammates were booed on Opening Day, this year, and past years.

If his teammates had a problem with the fans, why didn't they say something? Is it Jimmy's fault they stink? Or is Jimmy just trying to save his butt by "clarifying" his statement.

Jimmy Rollins and the Phillies will be back home Tuesday. There's no doubt in my mind there will be a negative reaction toward JRoll. But if he hits a homerun, there will be cheers. The only way he can be forgiven is if he plays hard, and wins.


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