Put Out the Torch

This is the last and final Olympic update. The Olympics are officially over. The Summer Olympics won't be back until 2012 in London.

USA finished with 110 medals, 36 gold. Hosting team China finished with 100 medals, but 51 were gold.

Phillies prospect Jason Donald helped USA win the bronze medal in baseball. Donald went 2-2 including a 2 run homerun in USA's 8-4 victory.

During the Olympics, Donald led Team USA with a .381 AVG. He hit 1 HR and had 5 RBI. His OPS was 1.107.

Lou Marson hit .308 in 13 AB during the Olympics. His OBP was .438.

Korea won the gold in baseball, over Cuba.

If USA wants baseball back in the Olympics, they are going to need to use Major League players. The downside of that is that baseball players are competing in playoff races during the summer. So baseball back in the Olympics could be done.

There was some controvery in gymnastics as some of the Chinese gymnast may of been under the age of 16. You must be 16 to compete.

16 year old gymnast Shawn Johnson of the United States won a gold medal on the balance beam.

Japan shocked the world when the beat USA in softball for the gold medal. USA won the last 3 gold medals, but this year they fell 3-1.

The redeem team, USA basketball beat Spain for the gold in a 118-107 victory. Dwayne Wade led the way for USA with 27 points.

Kobe Bryant scored 20 points including a huge 3 pointer to help seal the deal.


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