"Wake Me Up When September Ends"

September. Pennant Races. Back to school. Callups. Fighting for a spot in the one and only October.

Currently down 1.5 games in the National League East, the Phillies are fighting to make another September to remember. Last year they were out 7 games with 17 to play. The rest was history.

We all want to win in October, but right now the key for Phillies is getting there. It is just a matter at getting hot at the right time. Look at the Colorado Rockies last year. The funny thing is they have a chance to do it something similar again this year.

The Phillies could skip Kyle Kendrick in the rotation with an off day on Thursday. His next scheduled start is Sunday, but the Phillies could go with Cole Hamels to face the Mets.

Kendrick has struggled as of late. In his last 10 games, he pitched 51.0 IP and has a very high ERA of 6.35. Kyle Kendrick is normally a contact pitcher, and as of late its almost as if he is afraid to hit the strike zone and let hitters make contact.

The Phillies have made several callups this September. Greg Golson, Andy Tracy, Mike Cervanak, Lou Marson, Les Walrond, J.A. Happ, and Adam Eaton have all been called up.

The Phillies promised Eaton when he was sent down that he would be recalled in September. In my opinion, that was a big no-no. Eaton's ERA was over 7 in the minor leagues. He may of figured that he was gonna get the call anyway, so he might not of worked on the things he should have while in the minor leagues. But, he brings back his 5.80 ERA in the Major Leagues this season.

I'm also surprised Greg Golson was called up. I am not sure if he is quite ready for the big leagues. He is a talented prospect, but I don't know if he is big league ready yet. Golson has great speed and defense. He has some pop as well. However, during Spring Training it was said that he had a lot of work to do in the minor leagues offensively. I don't think he could of fixed everything in 6 months. His on-base-percentage is also very low, and he strikes out quite a bit. Golson will probably come in as a pinch runner or a defensive replacement for Pat Burrell.

J.A Happ has been shuttled between the Majors and Minors all year. He made a few spot starts and a few relief appearances with the big club. He pitched well in the rotation, but struggled out of the bullpen.

Les Walrond was also in the bigs earlier and struggled. He has done well in the minors, but struggled with the big club. Cervanak, and Tracy also were with the Phillies this season.

I'm surprised Jason Donald has not been called up. He is having a very good year in AA. He also was arguably Team USA's MVP during the Olympics.

Donald was teammates with Marson during the Olympics. Marson got the callup. Marson will be an extra catcher so every now and then Manuel can use Carlos Ruiz or Chris Coste as a pinch hitter and not have to worry about who to catch. Marson has also had a good year in the minor leagues. If Marson is up, why isn't Donald?

Some may think why isn't Carlos Carrasco up? Why not him over Eaton? I thought the same thing. But after I thought about it, bringing him up could effect him in a negative way. His future is as a starter. Currently, the Phillies are full in the rotation. Also, if somebody were to miss a start, Happ would likely fill in. Moving Carrasco from the rotation to the bullpen, then back again wouldn't be the best thing to do. Also, his WHIP is around 1.30 in the minor leagues. That isn't bad at all, but I bet he can get it a bit lower. Let him keep developing in the minors, and maybe next year he will fight for a rotation spot in Spring Training.

The Phillies will hope to get the offense going and get the bullpen back to their form. If they work it out, they could once again overtake the New York Mets. Either way, it will be a good race until the end.


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