In mid September, Swing and a Long Drive discussed who should win the National League MVP. Similar to our NL Cy Young breakdown, the stats have altered a little, but not nearly enough to change minds. Our pick was Albert Pujols of the St. Louis Cardinals, and he was named the 2008 Most Valuable Player.

The race was closer than it probably should have, but Pujols won and that is all that matters. Pujols' 369 total points, 18 first place votes, beat out the Phillies Ryan Howard who totaled 308 points with 12 first place votes. Also like the NL Cy Young Award, other players should have been ranked higher or lower on the list. However, Pujols is the winner.

Pujols finished the 2008 season with a .357 AVG, 37 HR, and 116 RBI. He had a .462 OBP, .653 SLG, and a Major League leading 1.114 OPS. He scored 100 runs and only struck out 54 times.

In 2006, Pujols led his team to a World Championship while Ryan Howard's Phillies just missed the playoffs. Instead of Pujol's taking the MVP trophy home, Howard took it. This year, Howard and Pujols switch roles.

After Howard was named the MVP, Pujols stated this:

"I see it this way: Someone who doesn't take his team to the playoffs doesn't
deserve to win the MVP."

Well, I guess Albert changed his mind. Either way, he was totally deserving of the MVP.



Chase Utley said...

sucks for howard champions baby! actually chase utley says it a little better at the phillies championship parade:

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