Year In Review: Spring Training

After the Mitchell Report was released leaving off all current Phillies, but included former Phillies Lenny Dykstra and David Bell, it was time for pitchers and catchers report.

In 2007, Jimmy Rollins' bold statement claimed that the Phillies were the "team to beat in the National League East." Rollins backed up his statements as the New York Mets collapsed down the stretch. Rollins' sequel to his quote predicted his team would win 100 games in 2008.

Carlos Beltran had a response to Rollins after the Mets traded for Johan Santana:

"With [Santana], I have no doubt we’re going to win our division. I have no
doubt about that…So, this year, tell Jimmy Rollins we are the team to beat.”

The Phillies had a different message. "Man or Machine" was embedded on a T-Shirt with a macho, shirtless picture of Pat Burrell on it. "Winning Starts Now" was printed on the back.

As the rivalry heated up and the season finished, Rollins proved to be correct once again as the Phillies won a total of 103 games.. including the postseason of course.

From the moment players reported to Clearwater, Flordia for Spring Training, the clubhouse was as loose as ever. Kyle Kendrick was the victim of the victim of prank:

Brad Lidge suffered an injury during batting practice midway through Spring Training. He injured his knee and needed surgery. He would need 3-6 weeks to recover, possibly missing the first week of the regular season.

Although Spring Training doesn't mean anything but getting players back into shape, the Phillies did not fair too well in their Spring Training games. Their record during Spring Training was 12-16-1.

After a few more exhibition games, it was time for Opening Day.



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