2009 Pitching Outlook With IRONPIGPEN

An Iron Pigs blog, IRONPIGPEN, The Pork Stops Here! predicted the Phillies lineup for the 2009 season. Please click the link to see more on IRONPIGPEN's picks in the From the Top Series. Click to see the position players outlook.

IRONPIGPEN’s Starters: Hamels, Moyer, Myers, Blanton, Kendrick

My Pick: Hamels, Myers, Blanton, Moyer, Happ

(NOTE: I put my starting rotation in the actual order I expect this season. IPP’s are in no special order)

Hamels is the ace of the staff. There’s no question about it. I think Myers will be second, followed by Blanton. I think Myers is going to have a good year this year. He has his ’swagger’ back, and has dropped thirty pounds. In order for Myers to succeed, he needs to be mentally ready and I think he is. I’d put Moyer fourth because of his age. I don’t think he’ll have the year he did last season, but I still think he can be successful. The fifth spot all depends on Spring Training, but despite what Rich Dubee (Phillies coach) may say, I think it is Happ’s job to lose.

IRONPIGPEN’s bullpen: Lidge, Eyre, Durbin, Madson, Condrey, Park, Happ, Borkowski

My pick: Lidge, Eyre Durbin, Madson, Condrey, Park, Borkowski / Majewski / Bisenius

My first four listed are all guaranteed spots. Condrey always has to win his job in spring, but I think his spot is safe this year. I think Happ will be in the starting rotation, but if he is not, he’ll be in the bullpen. I am not a fan of this. I like Happ as a starter and would rather have him in the minor leagues starting as compared to being in the bullpen. His future is as a starter, and he didn’t have much success out of the pen last season.

With Romero suspended 50 games, the Phillies need some more bullpen depth. They could trade for somebody, but if they don’t and assuming Happ is in the rotation, then the last two spots are pretty much up for grabs. I think it will come down to Borkowski, Majewski, and Bisenius, but it will not be settled until the end of spring training. Someone least expected could always pop up.


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