Coste A Trade Possibility?

With the emergence of Lou Marson and addition of Ronnie Paulino, Chris Coste seems out of the loop. The Phillies could use a left handed relief pitcher, and although Coste is one, a right handed bat off the bench. Trading Coste is a very likely option for the Phillies, and there are teams that could use him.

The Florida Marlins had some interest in Coste earlier and former fish, Ivan Rodriguez. The Marlins are high on their catcher, John Baker, but could use a backup. Coste would be a solid backup for the Marlins.

The San Diego Padres are having some catching issues. They will likely use Nick Hundley as their backstop, with Henry Blanco as their backup. Coste would likely get more playing time in San Diego as the Padres could use some depth at the catching position.

The Blue Jays are also in need of another catcher. The only catcher listed on their 40 man roster is former Phillie, Rod Barajas. In a limited number of at bats, Barajas batted .249 with 11 home runs. Barajas isn't an everyday catcher, and neither is Coste, but they could platoon. Either way, the Blue Jays need another catcher.

As of now, the Detroit Tigers also could use a catcher to add some depth. The names Matt Treanor, Dusty Ryan, and Gerald Laird don't stand out, but are listed on their 40 man. None of these players had over 400 at bats last season. The Tigers could use a starting catcher other than another backup.

So far the Astros' J.R. Towles has been a disappoint. He was supposed to be up there like Geovanny Soto, but had a batting average under the Mendoza line last season. The Astors will hope Towles can rebound, but the Astros could also use somebody to play behind him. With a short left field fence, Coste would fit well in an Astros uniform.

While there are established catchers like Joe Mauer and Brian McCann, there are some young players on the rise like Soto and Orioles prospect Matt Wieters. Some teams could use a guy like Coste, while others are already set.


Jay Ballz said...

I guess there's the possibility that Coste, Paulino and Ruiz could be on the opening day roster. Coste is versatile at several positions and could be that righty pinch hitter they need.

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