Amaro's Report Card

An IronPigs blog, IRONPIGPEN, The Pork Stops Here! asked me to give a report card for Ruben Amaro Jr.'s "first semester", his first year as a General Manager. To see what IRONPIGPEN thinks of my grading system, click the link!

Offseason Trades: C

There really were not too many trades. I am giving him a C on this because he did not get an established Right-Handed Bat or Left-Handed Relief Pitcher.

Free Agents Signings from Other Teams: B+

Raul Ibanez and Chan Ho Park were really the only two. Like the other trades, he didn’t really get a Left-Handed Relief Pitcher or Right-Handed Hitter. Ibanez is a good addition, but (Pat) Burrell was a better option. Plus, Burrell was cheaper.

Free Agents Re-signed from the 2008 Phillies: A

Amaro did an awesome job of signing the arbitration eligible players. Plus he signed Moyer, who was key to the Phillies last season. However, he let Burrell go, so I can’t give an A+.

Bullpen Pitching Staff*- (AP Project): C+

The relief pitching is down from last year. I’ll give Amaro a C. Once Romero is back the grade will go up. But Amaro did not really do anything great to improve the bullpen. Park, if he does not start, but that’s about it.

Parent-Teacher Confrence: Want more of IRONPIGPEN? Not only can you visit his site, but coming up on Friday we're going to start asking him questions on the IronPigs, prospects, and baseball in general.


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