Jimmy Isn't Done

Comcast Sportsnet's Marshall Harris interviewed Jimmy Rollins and asked him about a prediction for the upcoming season. Recently, Rollins predicted 112 wins. Now, he'd like to add onto that prediction.

Rollins also predicted:
  • Someone on the Phillies will win the MVP
  • Cole Hamels will win the Cy Young Award
  • Brad Lidge will continue his streak
  • There will be another parade down Broad Street

Not only is he very confident, Rollins isn't afraid, that is for sure.

In other Phillies news, Ryan Howard signed a deal, and CSN reports that Howard has reported to Spring Training early, working on become a more all around player, working to improve his defense.

The video, courtesy of "The Fightins"


Shay Roddy said...

To be honest, I'm getting sick of Rollins' predictions. The original 'team to beat' one was said from the heart. Since then these are starting to get impossible and a little bit of a joke.

Jay Ballz said...

Yeah...I agree with Roddy. Too many words, just play on the field.

But I suppose until he's wrong, he'll keep it up.

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