Phillies Nation Debut

For a while now, I've been doing some "side jobs" for Phillies Nation. I've been updating their MySpace page and more recently, the Facebook group. Today, I made my posting debut on their site in an article about Kyle Kendrick.

To read the article click here.

Recent news: Former Phillie Randy Wolf signed a 1 year contract with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Wolf, who turned down a 3 year deal worth over $20 million with the Houston Astros, settled with $5 million with incentives.

Breaking news: A-Rod tested positive for steroids in 2003 while he was with the Texas Ranges. In that year, there were no penalties for steroids.



I left a comment on your debut article at Phillies Nation. Congratulations. Good stuff, well done young lady!

How do you spell retard? said...


Due to the fact that I am the only member of the Fightins' below the age of 70, I felt inspired to make a Fightins-based Facebook group.

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