Utley Took BP

On Friday, Chase Utley stood in the batters box watching live pitches from Jamie Moyer. Although he did not swing, it was known he had been swinging off a tee. However, Utley broke news telling the media he took live batting practice on Thursday against the BP pitcher. Until a coach told him, even Charlie Manuel was unaware.

Phillies athletic trainer Scott Sheridan gave Utley the green light, but was limited to just 30 pitches. Utley said he felt "fine" in the cage.

Utley appears to be way ahead of schedule. As a gamer, he doesn't want to miss any time and is trying to be ready for Opening Night. However, the Phillies had to hide bats from his to help avoid any potential setbacks.


Philly Keith said...

I just hope he isn't rushing it...If he is 100% I fully expect him to make his real run at an MVP award in '09

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