Phillies In Style

Phillies looking stylish in 2007.

Victorino at the Grammys

While the Phillies held their own photo day, a photo of Shane Victorino from the Grammy's was passed around the clubhouse.

Teammates wondered what he was doing at the Grammys and were shocked by Victorino's choice of attire, laughing and saying white just wasn't the color for him.

Victorino wondered what what so funny. The normally quiet, Matt Stairs simply replied: "It's you."

Victorino wasn't the only Phillie dressed up. Each member of the 2008 playoff team, minus Pat Burrell and So Taguchi, dressed up in tuxedos exposing their white socks posing in front of the World Series trophy.

As The Fightins point out, Charlie Manuel was having a little trouble with his wardrobe.



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