April 10th for Hamels?

Cole Hamels pitched in 3.2 innings during a minor league scrimmage. 35 of his 48 pitches were thrown for strikes. He allowed one hit, one walk, and struck out five batters. He said he felt great and pain-free.

Hamels said April 10th is a realistic target, and he should be ready to pitch in that game against the Colorado Rockies.

"If I'm able to jump in line with our four guys and be the fifth guy, the
fourth, third, second -- I don't care," Hamels said. "It's just knowing that
after the season starts, we're on that schedule. Knowing that I'm going to go
out there every five days and my teammates know that I'm going to go and be
healthy, that's really all that they can really ask for."

Brett Myers is on track to start on Opening Night.

Note: Chase Utley hit his first home run of the spring today in the Phillies 7-6 win over the Blue Jays.

Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino returned to lineup after missing the last 2 weeks due to the World Baseball Classic.

QUOTE SOURCE: Phillies.com



I think the computer guy comes to fix email tomorrow...

Please pass along to Jay that, yes, I'm into that idea.

Ask him "what, pick an all-time top Phillies draft pick team or just by position?"

We can still do one (WBC all-star selections) when you are ready.

Are you playing softball now? How's that going - cold?

Amanda said...

I think we're going by posistion. I think he wants it like a fantasy draft type thing, but for Phillies players. You want a Phillie for each position.


First Pick: Mike Schmidt 3b
Second Pick: Steve Carlton p
Third pick: Richie Ashburn OF

and we'd go on until we fill up our rosters.

And yes, softball started.. its going okay I guess.

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