Swing and a Long Drive Notebook

Sorry, there is no counter point post today with IRONPIGPEN. Be sure to check in next week. We will more predictions for the World Baseball Classic along with the author of the blog Phoul Ballz.

In Phillies news, check out the Late Show with David Letterman tonight. Jimmy Rollins is following Cole Hamels' shoes. He will be giving the Top 10 Reasons to Watch the World Baseball Classic.

Also tonight at 8:00 EST, the Phillies will be featured on MLB Network's show, 30 in 30.

The Phillies scrimmaged Team USA today and lost, 9-6. Kyle Kendrick gave up 4 runs, and did not handle his emotions well. Pitching coach Rich Dubee stated Kendricks reactions were "poor" and "unacceptable."

Ryan Howard and Jason Donald each hit home runs for the Phillies. Rollins and Shane Victorino each had 1 hit for Team USA.



Did you see Adam Eaton actually thinks he helped the Phils get to the playoffs the last two years?! I'm convinced he has gone mentally insane.

Jay Ballz said...

USA USA USA! 2pm tomorrow...it's on.

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