WBC Picks

Here are my predictions for the winners of each pool for the World Baseball Classic.

Pool A: Japan

The defending champions look to their young phenom, Yu Darvish, and star veteran, Ichiro.

I think Japan will win the entire tournament. (Look back next week for a counter point post on tournament winner predictions)

Pool B: Cuba

The Cubans won the silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.

Pool C: United Stats of America

A lot of players opted not to play for Team USA, but they are still stacked with stars such as David Wright.

Pool D: Dominican Republic

Even without Albert Pujols, the Dominicans have a stacked lineup with the likes of Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz.

The bloggers of IRONPIGPEN! The Pork Stops Here! and Phoul Ballz also made predictions. Check them out.


GM-Carson said...

USA- fuck yeah!

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