World Baseball Classic Phillies Stats

Current Phillies

Team USA was eliminated on Sunday night, falling to Japan. Many past and present Phillies participated in the tournament.

Jimmy Rollins: Rollins went 4-4 during the semifinals. He did his best to avoid elimination, but USA failed.

8 G/ .417 AVG/ 1 HR / 4 RBI/ 4 SB/ 1.250 OPS

Shane Victorino (USA): 8 G/ .316 AVG/ 1 RBI

Brad Harman (Australia): 3 G/ .333 AVG/ 1 RBI/ .833 OPS

J.C. Romero: Romero was the losing pitcher in USA's dramatic come from behind win against Puerto Rico.

2.2 IP/ 1-1/ 10.12 ERA/ 1.88 WHIP/ 1 SO

Former Phillies

Bobby Abreu: Korea eliminated Venezuela during the semifinals.
7 G/ .348 AVG/ 1 HR/ 3 RBI/ 2 SB/ .945 OPS

Endy Chavez (Venezuela): 7 G/ .348 AVG/ 2 RBI/ .942 OPS

Carlos Silva (Venezuela): 12.1 IP/ 1-1/ 5.11 ERA/ 1.46 WHIP/ 6 SO

Yoel Hernandez (Venezuela): .2 IP/ 40.50 ERA/ 6.00 WHIP/

Travis Blackley (Australia): 5.2 IP/ 1.59 ERA/ 1.24 WHIP/ 4 SO

Chris Snelling (Australia): 3 G/ .273 AVG/ 2 HR

Rod Barajas (Mexico): 2 G, 3/6

Randall Simon (Netherlands): 6 G/ .143 AVG

For stats of other Phillies players whose team was eliminated in the first round, click here.



Next week is cool.

I need to catch up with my minor league rosters.

I think we should definitely do it.

It was a great tournament!

I know you guys followed the tourney as did I. I am interested to see you two guys' WBC all-star picks.

Frederich Cepeda from Cuba is awesome player. He was in your report.

Amanda said...

Okay, Jay is unsure if he is going to do it..

Also, we'd be able to have the same players.. like we both could have Rolllins at short? I think it would be too hard to have completely different rosters.

Jay also talked about an all Phillies all time fantasy draft, if your interested.

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