All Time Phillies Phantasy Draft

IRONPIGPEN, Jay, and I each drafted an "All time Phillies Fantasy Team."

We each took turns picking a Phillies player one by one. The only rule: each player must have played at least three seasons as a Phillie.

My team and their career stats while with the Phillies:

C- Darren Daulton .244 AVG / 134 HR / 567 RBI / 48 SB
1B- John Kruk .306 AVG / 62 HR / 390 RBI / 33 SB
2B- Juan Samuel .262 AVG / 100 HR / 413 RBI / 249 SB
SS- Jimmy Rollins .277 AVG / 125 HR / 544 RBI / 295 SB
3B- Mike Schmidt .267 AVG / 548 HR / 1,595 RBI / 174 SB
OF-Ed Delahanty .348 AVG / 87 HR / 1286 RBI / 411 SB
OF-Del Ennis .286 AVG / 259 HR / 1124 RBI / 44 SB
OF- Greg Luzinski .280 AVG / 223 HR / 811 RBI / 29 SB

SP- Robin Roberts 3739.1 IP / 234-199 / 3.46 ERA / 1871 K
SP- Jim Bunning 1520.2 IP / 89-73 / 2.92 ERA / 1197 K
RP- Steve Bedrosian 287.1 IP / 21-18 / 103 SV / 3.28 ERA / 241 K

Of the three rosters, I think I have the best team. First, I have the best Phillie of all time, Michael Jack Schmidt, a 10 time gold glover, 6 time silver slugger and three time MVP winner. Speaking of MVPs, Jimmy Rollins won the 2007 MVP, has a silver slugger and 2 gold gloves. Another award winner includes Steve Bedrosian who won the 1987 Cy Young Award.

Every single player on my team has been an All Star at some point during their career. My team also has 4 Hall of Famers in Schmidt, Delehanty, Bunning, and Roberts and 7 Phillies Wall of Fame members.

Schmidt is the Phillies all time leader in home runs. Delehanty is second in batting average. Schmidt, Delehanty, and Ennis are 1-2-3 in RBI leaders. Roberts pitched more innings than any other Phillies ever has and is second in wins and strike outs on the Phillies all time list. Bedrosian is second on the Phillies all time saves list.

Who has the best roster? Make sure you read IRONPIGPEN: The Pork Stops Here! and Phoul Ballz rosters and vote (on the sidebar) on the best team!


joe said...

Ballz haz got mjs.....he has richie a...your win there...but his pitchers put him over the top overall...

Jay Ballz said...

This was fun.

Here's a Phoul shout out to your readers!

Amanda said...

Wow, 11 votes already.. All for Jay! Good point Joe.

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