Bring Back Eaton!

Adam Eaton brought joy to Baltimore, making his first start of the year.

Eaton's line: 4 IP/ 4 ER/ 8 H/ 2 BB/ 6 SO

As sad as it might seem, his line was better than most Phillies in their season debuts, including ace Cole Hamels. If Eaton were still a Phillie, his line wouldn't seem so out of wack. In fact, Eaton did not allow a home run, while every single Phillies starter did.

The Orioles lost the game to the Tampa Bay Rays, 11-3. Pat Burrell was 2-4 in the game, but 0-2 against Eaton, including a strike out.


Mike said...

Eaton's WHIP of 2.50 would be third among the Phillies' five starters. He was lucky not to give up more than four runs.

If Eaton makes his next start against Boston on Friday, he will get DESTROYED!

Jay Ballz said...

Oh my god, Amanda. Noooo!

No, more Adam Eaton ever!

Amanda said...

Haha, I know, I was kidding. It's just that he has pitched better than every other Phillies starter.

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