PASA: Honorable Mentions

This series, Pitchers and Stomach Aches, is based on my new feature on, Decade's Worst Individual Pitching Performaces, otherwise know as DWIPP.

This is the last of the Pitchers and Stomach Aches series. These were not featured on Phillies Nation, as they are the not-so-honorable mentions. Yes, they were bad, but as we remind you with the rest of the pitchers, not bad enough.

Hector Mercado: Mercado pitched in 18.2 innings with the Phillies in 2002 and had a 5.76 ERA.

Robert Person: In 2000 and 2001, Person had solid years. However, in 2002, Person posted a 5.44 ERA.

Person will remembered for his two home runs, including a gram slam against the Montreal Expos in 2002. Person drove in 7 runs that night.

Mike Williams: In 6 years with the Phillies, Williams was 13-29 with an ERA of 4.94 and 1.45 WHIP. From 1992-1994, each year his ERA was over 5. The Phillies brought him back in 2003 and his ERA approached 6.

Brian Powell: In 39 innings, Powell had a 5.03 ERA in 2004.

Brian Sanches: In 2 seasons with the Phillies, Sanches had a 5.75 ERA and 1.69 WHIP. In 36 innings, he allowed 11 home runs, an average of almost 3 home runs per nine innings.

Yoel Hernandez: Hernandez pitched just 15.1 innings in 2007, but his ERA was 5.28. It was the only time he pitched in the majors.

Roberto Hernandez: His 4.76 ERA in 2004 may not seem too bad, but the truth is, he was awful with the Phillies. Hernandez was saved by teammates as they got out of jams for him. His WHIP was 1.68 and allowed about 11 hits and 5 walks per nine innings.

Call of the day: Connestoga product Dave Bush nearly no hit the Phillies yesterday, until Matt Stairs broke it up. Harry Kalas called six no hitter, including Rick Wise's.

"Here is the 3-2 pitch.. Swing and a line drive! He did it!
Vukovich made the catch! Wise has done it! A no hit, no run


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