Three Years Ago Today..

I was looking for some audio for the "Call of the Day" feature (I try to find memorable, random, but great HK calls), and I came across this clip. Exactly three years ago, to this day, Chase Utley was suspended. Yes, the same Utley who doesn't usually show much of an expression during games.

Here is the clip. It's pretty funny, actually. You may recall a weak helmet slam, but it shows how he has grown as a player.

Utley was 1-4 in the Phillies 3-1 loss on Wednesday. Utley is batting .362 with 4 HR and 12 RBI so far in 2009 after returning from hip surgery.

Call of the day: It was Scott Graham who called Chase's ejection, and although Graham is a good broadcaster, this segment is for Harry.

It isn't just Raul Ibanez who walked off against the Padres. On July 4, 2006, Aaron Rowand had a chance.

"Line drive, it is a fair ball! GAME OVER! Ryan Howard scores, Aaron
Rowand delivers, and the Phillies have won it by a score of 6-5 on the RBI hit
by Aaron Rowand. So Rowand, starts the 4th of July celebration!"


Jay Ballz said...

Your "three years ago, today" feature is better than my "ten years ago, today" feature.

Jordan said...

I hate Tom McCarthy as a Phillies announcer and miss the voices I hear on these highlights. Please provide more Kalas and Graham audio clips so we can relive the days when Phillies broadcasting actually had an effect on the game.

Amanda said...

Jordan, everyday Phillies game day check back for the "Call of the day" feature. There will be calls from over the years.

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