Phils Win in Grand Style

The weather was close to 90 degrees, and as Charlie Manuel would put it, it is hittin' weather. The final scored backed up that theory as the Phillies won, 13-11.

The game was back and fourth all day. Joe Blanton struggled allowing 6 earned runs in 4.1 innings of work. He allowed three monster home runs: two to Ryan Zimmerman, and one to Elijiah Dukes.

However, in the 5th, the Phillies got it all back by one swing of the bat. Ryan Howard's grand slam tied the game at 6.

The game was tied at 7 in the eighth until the Nationals took an 11-7 lead on Nick Johnson's and Adam Dunn's home runs. Scott Eyre struggled allowing the two homers and walked three.

The Phillies were able to inch closer, but Raul Ibanez's grand slam in the bottom of the eighth gave the Phillies a 13-11 lead. It was the Phils second salami of the day and the seventh home run of the game.

Because Brad Lidge didn't warm up in the pen, Ryan Madson came in to save the game. He got the save, and capped off the Phillies fourth win in a row.

The Phillies continue to score runs in the late innings, coming back once again.

Phillies Note: J.C Romero sues manufacturer.


Jay Ballz said...

Quick to post the GRAND game result. I love it.

ps- run your spell check.

Amanda said...


Thanks Jay.. I added in that in real quick at the end and didn't check it. Thanks for the heads up.

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