Victorino Calls His Shot

I saw a picture and video clip of Shane Victorino pointing up the press box after his home run, in honor of Harry Kalas, who passed away on Monday. Hours after the Phillies players found out the news, they played a game, which they won 9-8. Before the game, a few guys smoked in the dugout to remember Harry, who was a heavy smoker.

One of the puffers was Victorino. And before his at bat, Babe Ruth style, he pointed to the outfield. He hit home run and pointed the press box.

Photos Courtesy of: Phightin Phils Phorum, The Fightins

Call of the Day: Today's call comes from June 3, 2007 on Shane Victorino's walk off home run against the San Francisco Giants.

"High fly ball, deep to left ... Could it be? ... VICTORINO! ... No Ka Oi!
... Shane Victorino -- on Victorino Figurine Day! -- has won the ball game with
an opposite field home run! Phillies win it 9-8! You couldn't've scripted it any
better! "


Mike said...

The Call of the Day is a great idea!

Kevin McGuire said...

I didn't pick up that Victorino had pointed before the home run. Interesting.

I also noticed that your score board widget in the top right is stuck on Red Sox mode. Mine too. VERY annoying.

Mr. A-Hole said...

Victorino called his shot? That's fucking awesome!

Amanda said...

Thanks Mike.

Kevin, same here. I didn't realize until the other site, Phightin Phils Phorum, posted it. It was awesome, indeed.

Yeah, I can't get it to go back to the Phils. Hopefully Google will fix it soon.

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