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Tired of typing in the long address of Well now you can easily type in!

Okay, so there isn't much of a difference in character length, but the name of the blog is finally the web address. Hopefully it is easier to remember for new readers.

Don't worry if you have the old name saved to your favorites, or linked to your site, the old name can still be accessed.

I am having some technical difficulties and my blog roll has been delted for whatever reason. I will do my best to put every blog back on that I have done link exchanges with. Please e-mail me if I forget.

Any questions, comments, or suggestions, please leave in the comment box or e-mail me at As always, thanks for reading.

Call of the Day: Harry Kalas called of many of Mike Lieberthal's 150 home runs.

"Hit pretty well to left field, and this ball is outta here! Two run home
run Mike Lieberthal, his seventh of the year, and the Phillies now lead it 6 to
2 here in the third inning."



Nice cartoon. Did you draw that?

Amanda said...

No, I did not draw it.. gotta love google!

Billy said...

i like the new website adrress. fancy email. how is this possible?

Amanda said...

Thanks Billy. The e-mail address came with the domain name.

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