Moyer Wins 250

After six tries, Jamie Moyer reached 250 wins, moving into 44th place on the all time wins list, and third among active career leaders.

"It's hard to believe, because you just don't see it that often from guys so
late in their career, post-30 or 35 [years old]," said closer Brad Lidge. "It's
hard to imagine doing it. He's one of the guys that you really want to watch

The 46 year old pitched six solid innings against the Nationals, surrendering just one earned run, a solo home run by Josh Willingham. Other than that, Moyer was superb, striking out four and throwing over 60% of his pitches for strikes.

The Phillies provided four runs, enough for Moyer to have an opportunity for a win.

Brad Lidge sealed the deal with his 12th save of the year, captivated by a fantastic play by Chase Utley to end the game.

"I really haven't thought about it," said Moyer. "For me, it takes so much
effort to prepare and to play. I've been taught to play the game as a team and
not as an individual. That's really how I approach things."

Moyer struggled throughout the year, and as he said he has been in bigger slumps before, but managed to turn it around. With Brett Myers out for the year, there couldn't be a better time to turn things around and get #250.


Call of the Day: Today we have a special video version of the call of the day, which took place in August of 2008. The Kalas call will be on the sacrifice fly, but enjoy this "Moyer Moment" in honor of Jamie Moyer and win #250.


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I was at that game when Moyer ran over the umpire.

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