Everybody Dance Now

Jay from Phoul Ballz originally posted this, but it was just too awesome, I had to post it.

The Lakewood Blue Claws had a dance off against the Greensbrough Grasshoppers after the rain washed out the firework show. But there was still a show..

(Best part is around the 4:45 mark)

Like dancing? Check out this college baseball danceoff between USF and UConn, which happened a few days before the Blue Claws did it. A fun time, none the less.

Gotta admit, the BlueClaws are better dancers than those college kids. The college boys just had a batter ending.. How awesome would this be if the Phillies did this?

Call of the Day: Harry Kalas calls final pitch for the NLCS in 2008.

"The 3-2 pitch...Swing, and a pop-up, this game is gonna be over...Carlos
Ruiz squeezes it, and the Phillies are the National League champions! The Phils
move on to the World Series!"


Jay Ballz said...

Love it!! It's fun just watching them....can't imagine how great it would be to participate in.

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