Phillies Reactions to Manny

Some Phillies players have discussed the fifty game suspension of Los Angeles Dodgers left fielder, Manny Ramirez.

Brad Lidge

"It makes you wonder, was he doing it last year? Every time something like
this happens, you feel cheated a bit. Was he on the substance when I had to
pitch against him in the postseason? Naturally, it makes you feel upset."

"So he either did it negligently, or he did something he wasn't supposed to
do? Either way . . . I'd be curious to know the details. It makes you wonder,
was he doing that last year?"

"It's real frustrating, because it continues to tarnish our game," he said.
"No one knows who is going to be next. As players, we should realize that
every time someone gets caught, our game takes a hit."

Matt Stairs

“If you know the stuff isn’t on the list, why take it? I know I’m not very
smart, but I know I can figure that one out. There are a bunch of guys who are
going to have to stop taking all this health [stuff] and go back to being chubby
and having fun.”

“I think now there are guys who are taking MLB approved supplements and
sticking with it,” Stairs said. “But I’ve never even used that stuff and never
will unless someone puts it in my drink by mistake.”

(For more on Matt Stairs, visit Stairs' Way to Heaven and see the "fact" I suggested.

Shane Victorino

“It’s sad. I feel bad for him, but I guess he brought it on himself.”

Charlie Manuel

“I used to do a lot of work with him as a hitter. I knew how good he was.
He’s a great hitter. I know his talent. I’m sad. I don’t know what to say. I’m
just sad.”

“I don’t know anything about [the possibility of Manny taking steroids in
the 90s],” Manuel said. “When he was young I don’t think he was taking

“I’d like to see baseball get cleaned out – cleaned up,” Manuel said. “I’d
like to see baseball get through it and move on.”

QUOTE SOURCE:, Comcast Sportsnet

Phillies Note: Danny Ozark passed away on Thursday. He had a career record of 594-510 managing the Phillies, including 3 consecutive division titles. He was 85 years old.

Call of the day: In 1983, Tony Perez hit a home run to win the game.

"The 2-0 pitch.. LONG DRIVE! Deep Left center! Outta Here! A 3 run homer, Tony
Perez. And the Phillies win it by a score of 7-4, on a 9th inning homer by



I'm old so I can remember Tony Perez and the Big Red Machine (actually their hey-day was in the mid-70s)

I think the first time I ever saw the Phillies at the Vet was against the Reds. It was late 70s. Johnny Bench hit a home run in the game. That I can remember.

As for Manny Ramirez --- Gee, that is so sad, he got suspended and all. I am sure he was framed or is somehow the victim of injustice. Or maybe it's just "Manny being Manny"


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