The Many Styles of Chan Ho Park

Like Jayson Werth, Chan Ho Park has many different styles. Noticeably, each time Chan Ho has pitched this year, his hair gets shorter and shorter, whether it's a new haircut or a trimmed beard.

Park sports this look with the Dodgers. He has short hair, and a goatee.

The "I am a rich man" look. Chan Ho sports the long hair and facial hair as he signs his million dollar contract with the Phillies.

Park's most recent look. Short hair. No beard.

Park shows off his long hair and his scruffy beard.

Parks hair is recognizably long. He goatee is trimmed.

Notice long hair and short beard.

Park's holiday look.

Park looking stylish on his big day.

Call of the day: In 1983, the Phillies won the National League pennant.

"Nothing-and-two to Bill Russell.. Al Holland.They're going crazy here at
Veteran's stadium. Struck him out! Phillies have won it! Holland
dives on Mike Schmidt! Paul Owens coming out. The Phillies have won
the National League pennant. The score 7-2, as the Phillies are the 1983
National League Champs winning it 3 out of 4 against the Los Angeles


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