Eaton Heartbreak Rumors

I'm not going to even bother posting a recap of the game. If you missed the game, consider yourself lucky. It was that bad.

Here is a perfect recap of the game from Phillies Nation. We all feel the same way. Two heartbreaks in a row.

In other news, Adam Eaton signed a minor league deal with the Colorado Rockies. Eaton, who was released by the Phillies in spring training and the Orioles in May, has a 8.56 ERA in 41.1 innings with Baltimore this season.

There has been rumors that the Phillies have been looking at Brad Penny, but the Red Sox would want Jason Donald in return. It doesn't seem to be that Vincente Padilla and Tom Glavine are targets for the Phillies, although at one point they might of been.


Jay Ballz said...

If the Phils are thinking of trying a free agent pitcher, instead of testing the trade waters, I say go and get Pedro Martinez.

No N in Vicente, by the way.

GM-Carson said...

Brad Penny = losing.

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