Mets Lose on Error

Closer Francisco Rodriguez was halfway through his game ending celebration before Luis Castillo dropped the final out of the game.

The Yankees and Mets were going back and fourth all game. Robinson Cano led off the scoring with a solo home run in the second.

Mark Teixeira's homer put the Yankees up 3-2, however the Mets would take a 4-3 lead on Ryan Church's double, and would increase their lead to 6-3.

However, the Yankees weren't quitting and were down 7-6 headed into the bottom of the ninth. K-Rod vs. A-Rod. 2 outs.

A fly ball to Castillo looked to end the game. However, he dropped it and two runs scored resulting in a walk off for the Yankees and K-Rod's first save of the year. Yankees won 9-8.

Pittsburgh vs. Detroit: The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Detroit Red Wings 2-1 in game seven to win the Stanley Cup. However, the Tigers beat the Pirates 3-1 behind Rick Porcello.


Jay Ballz said...

Still haven't seen this highlight. Let me know if you know where I can see it online.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha.

Two hands Met moron!

I am saddened Rodriguez had to discontinue his premature celebration, however!

(I just changed your http thing finally at my blogroll - you should have reminded me because you know I don't know nothin' about these stinkin' computers)

Amanda said...


Anonymous (IRONPIGPEN?) Thanks. The old link should still work as well. Thanks for changing it though. Much appreciated.

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