To Review, Or Not to Review

Jon Lester and Joe Blanton were in midst of a pitchers duel at Citizen's Bank Park. Both lasted seven innings, but Lester allowed only two hits, one run, two walks, and struck out eleven. Blanton allowed two earned runs on five hits and two walks and struck out seven.

Blanton allowed two solo home runs to Kevin Youkilis and J.D Drew.

Leading 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth, the Red Sox were forced to use Ramon Ramirez in a save situation because closer Jonathan Papelbon was unavailable after pitching several days in a row. They would pay. Ryan Howard's monster solo home run tied the game at two.

In the 11th inning, the Phillies came oh-so-close to winning the game. With two on, Greg Dobbs smoked a mile high fly deep down the right field line. The ball was called foul, however it was extremely close. On a first look, it looked foul. On a second look, it looked like it may have went over the top of the pole. Charlie Manuel asked to review the play, however the umpires declined.
Even though instant replay will mean more accurate calls, it takes away the human element of the game. That's baseball.

As much as I don't like the whole instant replay idea, they have the option to review, so use it. It was too close. That is a play the umpires need to review.

The Phillies ended up losing 5-2 in the thirteenth inning. Kyle Kendrick, fresh from AAA, allowed three runs in his second inning of work.

The Phillies struck out 20 times, a franchise record. There were a total of 34 strikeouts in the game.

Call of the Day: Ryan Howard hit two home runs against the Red Sox last season.

"Here's another one Sarge! Left-center field, outta here! Ryan Howard with
another home run. The Phillies lead it 4-0, his 19th home run of the year. Great
to see him hitting the ball to the opposite field, and a lot of his home runs go
to the other way. Both tonight go the other way, and the Phillies lead it


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